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Life Thru a Lens, by Robbie Williams
Reviewed by Dylan Smith

I’ll start by saying I’ve never before intentionally listened to a Robbie Williams track, never mind a full length album of his. All I knew about Robbie before doing my research on this album was he was in Take That, and my mate’s Mum has a real thing for him.

While looking at the other reviews going up on my day is was jealous of what could have been. Iron Maiden, pioneers of metal, and Tencious D, a combo I grew up listening to and have many fond memories of car trips with my mum listening to their album. So how have I ended up with Take That’s missing piece?

Robbie Williams, the bad boy of Take That. Or so he was, after leaving take that in 1995 Robbie was left with no stage to sing on. He knew what he had to do and that was become a solo rockstar. The album is flush with classic rock and roll style guitar, hi-hat and snare beats and even a nice bit of overdriven guitar in parts. Despite not rocking the charts life thru a lens has sold over a whopping 2 million copies since it’s release making it Robbie’s 4th best selling album.

As we come to the track listing we’ve got some classics such as Angels, a wedding favourite. Lazy Days, my favourite track from the album, and everyone’s least favourite song in the world, Let Me Entertain You. Spotify even helped me out and told me there was hidden track, something of the past now so that was quite refreshing despite having the suprise ruined.

Overall, I was pleasantly suprised by this album, it was an easy listen for me and it gave me a few giggles lyrically. “Mix with the local gentry And don’t crash Tarquin’s Bentley” “I hope I live to see the day, The pope gets high” both tickled me the right way. Saying this, it wasn’t to my usual taste and left me not really wanting to go back, but I didn’t hate it near as much as I thought I would.

6/10 – Good effort Robbie.

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