1000 Albums Project


Like a lot of us, my musical tastes atrophied in my twenties. As I’m now forty-six, that’s around half my life thus far in which I’ve shunned adopting fresh new sounds.

Well, NO MORE!

I plan to listen to 1000 albums in a calendar year, each suggested by my peers. Starting on 1/9/20, and consuming THREE new albums per day.

Each morning I’ll randomly select three albums from a masterlist. I’ll listen, review, and (hopefully) enjoy them throughout the day. I’ll post reviews here, and on my Facebook group 1000 Albums. Go click on an album, read my review, then sound off in the comments.

If you’d like to suggest albums for me, come join the Facebook group or check out the Album Suggestion page. I’ll give anything a whirl, as long as it’s accessable on the major streaming services.

I’m Craig. Welcome to my 1000 Albums Project.


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